The Attentive Hearts (Ozen Lalev) project


The Attentive Hearts project (Ozen Lalev, Israel) is a Non-Profit Charity, acknowledged by the Israeli State Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Social Services and certified by the Ministry of Education, both as a platform that enables every willing adult regardless of their age, gender, physical condition and education to do for others, and as a one of a kind service provider who professionally trains volunteers as emotional support givers and coordinates their often life saving activities with the weakest members of the community.

The Attentive Hearts team of professionally trained supporters is composed of exceptional and unique individuals, most of whom are considered vulnerable or disadvantaged in today's society for having mobility disabilities, visual or hearing impairments, chronic illnesses, being pensioners, coming from at-risk backgrounds or for facing numerous other challenges in life. Those graduates of our professional workshops in the art of Emotional Support, go out into the community and offer those in need support and a listening ear, in old age nursing homes, in hospitals and rehabilitation, oncology and dialysis centers and wards, in shelters for abused women and runaway youth, and in an ever growing range of other institutions.

Thanks to the quality of our training program and volunteers, the project has earned unprecedented reputation and recognition, including the honor of being formally acknowledged as an educational program by the Israeli Ministry of Education, securing the project unlimited access to schools and to all government sanctioned educational and rehabilitation institutions, thus becoming the only project allowed to enter and support both the youths and the dedicated overworked staff.

The Attentive Hearts project is a Non-Profit Charity based on the belief that every individual has a value and a function in the community and with the goal of creating social ripples of unity, personal empowerment, empathy, acceptance of others with differences, and the internalization of their value as equals and not as victims, while providing the community and those in need within it our unique life-changing and often life saving emotional support services.

Vision and Goals

To transform the role of being supported into becoming supporters, through the provision of an accessible and empowering life-changing experience. The project provides those considered unable and weak with emotional and social skills, combined with rare and vital tools for emotionally supporting others that they can use which most members of the community lack and search for.

To provide healing and support to many in the community who suffer from depression, anxiety, frustration or isolation and who seek a listening ear, emotional support, interpersonal and social interactions in an informal, pleasant and inviting atmosphere.

To provide our team of volunteer supporters, comprised of the "vulnerable" and "disadvantaged" in the community, an empowering, respectable and significant role, developing a revolutionary social setting as those who give support rather than receive it.

To have the community meet those who are considered different and "weak" as equals and significant and valuable members of the community with worth and ability – as supporters and not as the supported.

By working together - to create connections, camaraderie and a setting of mutual assistance and support amongst members of the supporting team as well as between the team of supporters and the community.

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