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The Attentive Hearts project was created to enable every adult who wishes to support others to do so regardless of their age, gender, physical condition, education, ethnicity, religion and believes. As such, all who wish to volunteer and do for the emotional well being of others are accepted with open arms and deep appreciation.

To join our family of volunteers who go out into the community and provide emotional support to those in need, you must commit to volunteer for 3 hours a week (for at least a year) and in return you will receive specialized LIFE-CHANGING training and a weekly opportunity to make a difference in people lives.

Special Help Needed

Driving willing Volunteers

Volunteers with driving license ("bet") are needed to drive our physically disabled professional training stuff to activity locations and back.

Professionals in the Emotional Field

In order to make our volunteering platform and unique services available and accessible to more and more communities and individuals around Israel, Attentive Hearts project invites Physiologists and Clinical Social-Workers to join our special family!

Professionals in the Emotional Field who SPEAK ARABIC or RUSSIAN

In order to make our volunteering platform and unique services available and accessible to the Israeli-Arabic population and for the many immigrants from the countries previously of the USSR, who do not speak Hebrew or feel more comfortable using their mother tongue, Physiologists and Clinical Social-Workers whom are fluent in Arabic or Russian are desperately needed!

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